A look at Wii Sports Resort

Only a few years ago the concept of playing sports on a computer was simple – you used the controller to move your player left, right, up and down, and you used the buttons to make your character perform the various actions of that sport (hitting or kicking a ball, punching or throwing an opponent). When Nintendo unleashed the Wii with its motion-sensing remote control onto the market, the old way of playing sports games somehow seemed… old. Now you could literally swing the remote as if it were a racket, or hurl it along the floor as if it were a bowling ball. Nintendo were quick to make use of this technology with the original Wii Sports, and they do so again with the sequel, Wii Sports Resort. The “resort” in question is called Wuhu island, which made an appearance in the origi안전놀이터 nal game as well.

The original Wii Sports featured five activities; Wii Sports Resort improves on this and features twelve games including swordplay, golf, table tennis, frisbee and basketball. The game is designed to work with the new Wii MotionPlus, a neat little piece of kit which attaches to the Wii remote and, according to Nintendo, gives greater control and more precision to the use of the remote. Early reviews of the technology seem to be fairly positive although some reviewers have said that only some of the games approach what has become known as “1: 1”, or total accuracy (in other words, if you were an expert bowler and you felt that the way you swung the remote and the response of the game was genuinely accurate in terms of real bowling, that would be 1: 1)

From the impressive early sales figures in Japan, where Wii Sports Resort sold just over 350, 000 copies in its first week, it seems that Nintendo are obviously doing something right.

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