Celebrity Blogging Can be Fun For everyone

Blogging is an extremely popular pastime in recent years, and one of the fastest-growing kinds of sites is the celebrity blog. Whilst it may sometimes be published by a publicity person, frequently a blog like this consists by the actual celebrities. Yet the vast majority of blogs covering celebrities are written not by the stars, but by the fans who follow them or by professional gossips who make a living talking about them.

It’s likely that these news blogs, perhaps black cube better termed chat blogs, came first, and that the main reason celebrity blogs begun to appear was in respond to these, so the stars could restore some control of their image. But for a few years, blogs that gossiped about celebrities reigned better. This became no surprise, of course, since quite popular newspaper tabloids like the National Enquirer and magazines like People had been serving a similar purpose for decades. The public has always had a high interest in hot tidbits about the rich and famous.

But the interest in the stars, thanks to blogs that chat about them, has attained a straight that goes well beyond anything previously seen. A celebrity used to need to avoid the spying eyes of newspaper reporters and television camera deck hands, but even tabloids and chat magazines have reason to be jealous of the publicity achieved by the new blogs. Even fans are now suspect, posting public photos that might make the stars cringe.

Sports figures, of course, are not immune either, with sports blogs following the chat trend, running items about players’ love lives or questions about drugs or illegal activity. And political figures are now major targets as well, having achieved a greater level of celebrity than previously. However squeaky clean they might represent themselves, if they’ve got a skeleton in their closet, or even just an old finger bone, then someone is going to discover their whereabouts out and make a writing about it.

It’s no surprise, then, that stars also began their own information sites, maybe to deal with the rising cacophony of unwavering chat. The phenomenon of blogging has been a advantage to both sides of the relationship, in fact, since celebrities can also get their preferred message out to millions of people. While you have chat blogs like internet. perezhilton. com or internet. tmz. com on one side, on the other you have famous bloggers like Bruce Willis, Barbra Streisand, the very popular and high profile comedian Margaret Cho, sports star David Beckham, famous chef Jamie Oliver, home style diva Martha Stewart, writer Neil Gaiman, and on and on. The blogosphere is packed with celebrities of the description.

This isn’t always a good thing. Celebrity blogs might already have turned municipal society into something much less municipal, a nation of gossipers unjustifiably spying into the private lives of their fellow citizens, however popular they are. Even earlier responsible news organizations now include chat about celebrities in their papers and newscasts. Bloggers who pry into the lives of the stars may now function as the “journalists” of the world, to the detriment of well-researched and reliable news.

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