Easy Horse Racing Spot Plays and Bets For Situational Wagers

There are two situations that can sometimes produce winners in horse races and they aren’t too hard to find, if you know what to look for. They’re called spot plays because you find them in certain spots. Some people also call this situational handicapping.

Whatever you call it, using spot plays to make money betting on horse races is one way to beat the races, but before you mortgage the farm and bet it all on a horse, just remember that horse racing betting is risky and you should never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose.

They say that pace makes a race and that is certainly true in horse racing. The runners all have their own style of racing, whether it’s early speed, mid pack, or late speed. Horses, like people, have their own physical attributes that make them run a certain way.

Within each horse race there are several mini races, as well. For instance, the horses in front of the pack are not racing the ones several yards behind them. They are matching strides and pitting their energy against the runner who is beside them or lapped on them. In other words, the horse or horses who are within their sight or hearing. How they pit their strength against the horses within their own little sphere of influence determines how well they will race in each part of the race.

That opens up the possibility for spot plays because dato carrera americana all races are not alike. Sometimes the field of horses in a race has a few horses from each type of runner. In other words, a few front runners, a few pressers, a few closers, and late runner or two. You will need to do some in depth handicapping in order to rate all the runners in such a race and to come up with a good bet.

On the other hand, there are times when the running styles are lop sided. There may be a lot of early or late speed, but almost all the horses run with the same style. That’s the situation that produces the best chances for a horse racing bettor who understands pace and plays the spot plays that develop.

The first type of spot play is the lone front runner. When you find a race with only one horse with early speed, a horse that likes to go right to the front and races as fast and as far as possible, these horses often get an extremely easy trip when there will be no other horse to challenge them and they have an advantage in such races.

The second spot play is just the opposite, but equally as dangerous and often a good bet. I’m writing about the race with a ton of front running early speed and only one horse that can close from well off the pace and win. In such races the early speedsters will often burn themselves out battling for the lead and the horse that races behind them and saves some energy for the stretch run often can close from behind and pass a pack of tired horses.

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