How To Create Your Own Earring Hooks and Dangling Earrings

Earrings are fashionable jewelry items that can be found in every woman’s jewelry box. In fact, they are one of the accessories that can enhance any outfit, makeup or hairstyle. Since the earrings frame the face, they can be used to enhance the facial features as well. But, it is important that you have a sense of shape, style and color to match the right type of earrings to your outfit, face or hairstyle.

Dangling earrings are really popular these days and provided that you choose the right color and length, they match every hairstyle and outfit. If you have an interest in designing your own jewelry, it is quite easy to make dangling earrings at home. But, you need to make a pair of earring hooks first before you design your earrings. Given below are instructions on how to make your own earring hooks and dangling earrings.

Earring hooks

Since earring hooks form the basis of making sophisticated dangling earrings, it is important that they are made from quality material. The hooks must be strong enough to support the weight of all the other beads and elements that you will attach to them.

What you need:

• Side cutters
• Needle nose pliers
• Needle file
• Flat nose pliers
• Length of silver plated wire (at least 0.8mm in diameter)


1. Measure your wire and cut into 5cm lengths. When you cut the wire, the edges will be sharp so to make them flat, you must velcro manufacturers use a needle file and file the edges. Now using your round nose pliers, you must make a small circle at the other end of the wire. This small circle will be used to hang your beads and other elements for your earring.

2. Place the end of the wire between the pliers and using your thumb, press the wire around the pliers to form the shape of a hook. Repeat the process with the other length of wire. To make a loop in the middle of the wire, hold the middle of the wire with the pliers and bend it down. This will twist the wire a little bit, but it can be straightened later on.

3. Using a pair of flat nose pliers, turn the end of the wire around to form the stopper. This nick at the bottom will prevent the earrings from falling off your ear. Now that you have your earring hooks, you can design stunning dangling earrings from them.


What you need:

• Chain nose pliers
• Steel cutting pliers
• Beads of your choice
• Head pins


1. Arrange the beads on the head pins as you want your earrings to look. You can use different colors and different shapes of beads. You can also use small and larger crystal beads in between.

2. Once you have arranged the beads, bend the excess head pin using your chain nose pliers. With a pair of steel cutting pliers, cut the head pin leaving about 1 cm.

3. Now use your chain nose pliers and bend the head pin to form a circle, but not a close circle. Before you close the circle, you must attach the earring hook.

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