How to Pick Up a Girl and Take Her Home With You

I can truly say it is an art to learn how to pick up a girl. Back in the days it was so easy for me to pick up any girl I wanted. Sure nowadays I have slowed down considerably. When call girls in lahore you get older you start to realize what is more important in your life. The thrill of the hunt was just getting way too easy for me. But let me share these simple methods I have used to literally pick up hundreds well who am I kidding it is actually closer to thousands of girls in my lifetime.

The scenario I will be using in picking up a girl is a very common one. It is the basic at the club scene.

One of the most important things you should do when going out in a group is to drive separate cars. The ideal is to leave when you want to leave. You do not want to be in a situation where you can not leave because you’re riding with your best buddy or you have to take someone home. Trust me; you want to be able to control everything because often this becomes a hindrance for you. I know most people do not even go out to clubs by themselves. Most guys like a sense of security or like a wing man or something like that. But when your out their to pick up a girl, it becomes a different story in itself.

Once you arrive in the club you have to survey the area. Find out where the hottest girls are. Look for areas that seem to be private and even a place where you can talk to the girl you just picked up. If you find a girl you would like to pick up then just look at who she is with. Is she by herself? Is she with a group of friends? Do you see the same man around her? Just be patient with this. Typically I like to sit at the end of the bar that has a good view of the entire club. I might sit there for about thirty minutes so I can take up inventory of girls and plan my route to pick up girls.

So now let’s proceed with the next phase to pick up a girl in the club. Basically just do the standard pick up girl approach that have discussed in previous articles. Once she is comfortable talking to you then you need to find an excuse to leave. Say that you have to call to check on a friend or use the bathroom. Do not go right way for the phone number. You should now proceed with the next girl to pick up on.

Remember your ultimate goal is to pick up a girl and not to just get phone numbers to call later. Learning how to pick up a girl is a numbers game and you want to have a better chance of this by speaking to many girls as possible. So after you spoken to say about 4 or 5 different girls it is time for you to take inventory again. Out of all the girls you spoken to who do you think you will have a better chance of hooking up with. I know by human nature you want to just choose the hottest girl. But remember your ultimate goal is to pick up a girl and it is best to choose which one you have a better chance with.

The next phase is to follow up on the girl again. The key to be more successful is to remember something interesting you had during your initial conversations. One of the most important traits a girl likes in her man is listening. Think about how impressed she will be when you continue on the exact conversation where you left off on. This is why I stress the importance on listening to her when she speaks

If all goes well you can speak to this girl for the rest of the night. But if you feel like it is not going to happen than you need to make another clean break and move on to another girl that is on your list. I use to do this so much that it became a second nature to me. It was almost instinctive and beyond my control. I learned how to pick up girls fairly easy by using this method.

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