Myths and Misconceptions About Gambling

Gambling can be a lot of fun and exhilarating as a recreational activity, but if you plan on risking some of your hard-earned cash, you owe it to yourself to learn as much about the game you’re playing as possible. Whether it’s poker, sports betting, casino games, or the stock market; unless you do your homework you might as well put your money in an envelope and mail it in.

Everyone has experienced streaks of good luck, and, I’m sure, bad…however, the smart player will maximize the former and minimize the latter.


The House Edge is a fact of life, much like death and taxes. With the exception of games like poker, the house acts as the bank and has a built-in advantage that cannot be escaped. (Card rooms and casinos make their profit from poker in the form of a “rake,” or small percentage of each pot, but the players are not playing against the house.) While the house edge is undeniable, it can be minimized through intelligent play.

Stories of blackjack and video poker players who eliminate and even reverse that edge are certainly true, but as fast as the players develop strategies or schemes to beat the games, casinos initiate counter-measures and recapture the advantage in short order. Stories of card counting at the blackjack tables are legendary, but only a handful of players remain today skillful enough to beat the eight-deck shoe and the continuous shuffler. Video poker was, for a while, considered to be the one game that could be beaten by employing a perfect strategy, but the casinos countered by altering the pay tables, thereby shortening the expected return.  먹튀검증소 뜻

In blackjack the house edge is very simple…it lies in the inescapable fact that you have to play first, and if you bust the dealer doesn’t have to play at all. In craps and roulette the edge can be easily found in mathematical probabilities. Slot machines, although controlled by a random number generator, are set to pay off at a certain percentage (usually between 85% – 95%), and although you may win during any given session, when all is said and done the casino will keep 5% to 15% of all the money pumped into the machines.


There are countless books, videos, software programs, seminars, and other offerings put forth by dedicated gamblers that purport to erase the house advantage and guarantee, in no uncertain terms, that you will win. While some strategies are very sound, there is no “system” guaranteed to beat the house.

A “strategy” is a plan based on observation, study, formulation and (possibly) deception, devised to minimize the house edge and give you the best possible chance to win. A “system,” as it applies to gambling, implies an infallible method based primarily on deception, and almost without exception is worthless. It’s important to understand the difference between the two…while a system can be troublesome, a strategy is imperative.



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