Recovering from a Break-Up

Finding the best ways of handling a relationship split is not an easy task. There is a saying that goes like this: “practice could make perfect” but who would like enough procedure to achieve efficiency at this kind of thing? However it is a harsh fact that most of us should go through it many times in our lives. Yes! Break-ups foul odor; but having some basic idea of how to get through it may just help you keep your sanity — if there is a “next time” for you.

There is no magic spell or wonder pill that will take the frustration, pain or loss of self esteem — and all of those other horrible emotions one experiences during and following a split.

The only thing I know — from my own experience — that will ease the pain is time, Sure that a lot of encouraging, but what a fact. However, simply because you are going through terrible, doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things you can do that may ease the agony, or at least take you attention of computer for a few days. Make sure when you are searching to find something to help mask the pain you don’t get caught into the age old trap of using something dangerous such as alcohol or drugs these will in the long run, only cause you more pain.

  1. Try constraining the time you will allow you’re self to wallow, Notice I didn’t say grieve, because that unfortunately will take as long as it takes. What I’m talking about is the “don’t get out of bed, eat outright chocolate ice cream and never get dressed or leave your house for a while “wallowing”. This has to have a time period rather like a special offer, it ends in a week time, and that is it. Even though you may be sore following a week it’s time to come from your covering and get back out in the world and live your life.
  2. Now that the wallowing stage is over you can now move into the “am still ‘I’m alive” stage. All you have to do here is spend as much time as possible doing positive things with positive thinking people as you can. Now of course this won’t get rid of the pain but it may reduce it and that can help enormously.

But his stage has one golden rule you need to adhere to without exceptions if you want to get back on your feet as quickly as possible, and here it is: do not get involved with anyone sexually or even romantically because you are not ready and may end up making some stupid mistakes that you might latter regret and get a backlash of guilty afterward. Just take some time to be on your own romantically unless you know for certain that you are ready to move on, how long this stage takes will depend on how much you loved your ex.

All breakups foul odor, there’s just no well mannered and municipal way to say it. Just do your best to get through the grieving stage as easily and rapidly as you can and try and take your attention of grieving questions like: “how to get your ex back” and try and move on.

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