Save Money and the Environment With Eco Lunchboxes

Did you know that you can help protect the environment when you are packing your child’s lunch? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. Lunch boxes are a great way to reduce dependence on plastic or to eliminate using it altogether.

When you are packing your kid’s lunch, what containers do you use? Do you grab those little plastic sandwich bags and fill them up with stuff? If you do, just think about all the plastic waste that is going into the trash everyday. You use a plastic baggie for the sandwich, for the snacks, and perhaps a plastic juice or water bottle – all of which end up in the garbage can at the end of the day.

Well, just imagine if all the other backpack and lunchbox set kids are doing the same thing. After a while all those little baggies, all those water bottles or plastic juice containers, and whatever else, end up in the landfill. Now that’s a lot of waste, especially since plastic does not decompose rapidly. It takes a plastic bag anywhere form 20 to 1000 years to decompose. And a plastic water bottle an estimated 100 years or more to decompose. When you look at it that way, every little bit of plastic waste you can prevent from adding to the ever growing landfills really can make a difference.

Well now, you can pack eco friendly lunches and teach your child about the importance of everyone pitching in to do their part to help protect our environment with Eco Lunchboxes. Eco Lunchboxes are made in the USA, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. They come in a variety of fun colors and styles to choose from.

These unique lunchboxes make packing a lunch easy because of all the divided sections. Plus they come with their very own drink bottle that fits right into the middle of the lunch box. To make if even funnier, each of the lunch boxes come with a set of stickers that your kid can use to decorate his or her lunchbox.

Eco Lunchboxes are a simple yet great way for you and your child to go green and help protect the environment. So, don’t worry about buying those plastic bags and water bottles. Investing in a eco friendly Eco Lunchbox will overtime save you money and our planet.

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