What You Should Know Before A Plumbing Emergency Occurs!

A plumbing problem is probably at the top of every homeowner’s worst nightmare. In Wilmington, like in most other cities, plumbing calls are made day and night to take care of common household plumbing problems. Most homeowners have limited knowledge of the things that can go wrong with their plumbing system.

Many issues are not as serious as they seem at first and with a little bit of knowledge the experience need not seem so overwhelming. There are some things any homeowner can do to hold back the water until a plumber can come to the rescue.

Know Where Your Main Cut-Off Seattle Plumbers Valve is Located

One of the most important things every homeowner should know about their house is where to locate the main water cut off valve. This valve will turn the water off at its source, which can help prevent a whole host of disasters. The main valve is the valve that will shut off all the water before it enters the pipes within the house.

To turn off the water to the house, turn the valve clockwise. The main cut off valve is usually located near the water meter. If you have well water, it will be located near the pressure tank. It’s not always easy to find the main valve, so make an effort to locate yours as soon as possible.

In cold climates, the cut off valve will be located inside, most often in the basement. In warmer climates and in homes without basements it may be attached to an exterior wall or in an underground box. If you cannot locate your cut off valve, contact a local plumbing service to locate it for you.

Locate Individual Cut-Off Valves

In addition to the main cut off valve in a home, each fixture has a shutoff valve. The water to a sink or toilet can be turned off by turning this valve. You will find the valve to the kitchen sink under the sink inside the cabinet. In the bathroom, the shutoff valve to the sink will also be under the sink in the cabinet.

Toilets have a shut off valve that is most often located on the pipe at the back of the toilet. In all cases look for a silver knob and turn it to shut off the water. A plumbing professional can help you locate these valves if you encounter a problem finding the valve or want reassurance you are handling it correctly.

By taking the time now to locate the main water valve for your home as well as the cut off valves for the sink, bathroom and washer, you’re taking the first step to potentially saving thousands of dollars and tons of headaches by minimizing the damage that a broken water pipe or major leak can cause. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen thinking that “it can’t happen to me”- identify the proper cut off valves in your home now. You and your family will be prepared and a lot happier for it!

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