Why You Should Create an Emergency Food Supply

Have you ever thought of creating an emergency or survival food supply? Chances are this thought might never have come to the mind of most of you guys because you believe this is useless and you’ll have to face no such emergency in your lifetime. Please read on if what I am saying is true.

You are not the only one who thinks creating a survival food supply is useless, there are many who believe that it is useless to waste money on survival foods. But the fact of the matter is no emergency or disaster will ever knock on your door before actually striking. Creating an emergency food supply becomes even more important because of the fact that in most of the cases people who died because of some disaster or emergency, didn’t loose their life due to an injury, they died because they didn’t have anything to drink or eat.

Emergency can strike you in any form like natural disaster, war, or some financial crisis. And the only way to be prepared for any such emergencies is to plan and prepare early. Timely preparedness and planning are the best way to fight any form of emergencies.

Disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, volcanic emergency food eruptions and hurricanes are always very unpredictable and are the biggest threats. I do not intend to build fear in your minds but to make you aware of the real life scenario. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Apart from natural disasters, one very real and probably more dangerous form of emergency is war. You may feel that a direct one to one war is not something that may happen again. But what about the ever growing fear of terrorist attacks, we have already seen some major attacks in the not-so-distant past. We are not 100% safe from the terrorist attacks of the known and unknown foreign enemies.

Apart from the natural disasters and war/terrorist attacks, one other form of emergency can be in form of financial crisis. Inflation is increasing, gas prices are climbing and unemployment is growing, all these are possible signs of a financial crisis. With the financial situation being so unpredictable it is extremely important to prepare yourself for the worst.

So keeping all the above in mind it becomes absolutely necessary to build an emergency food supply for every member of your household. Clean drinking water should be at the top of your survival food supply list. Apart from water you should have enough supply of canned, dehydrated or freeze dried survival foods.

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